Trees Are Life – Let’s Conserve Them!

Forestry Commission (FC) is a parastatal under the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The Commission was created in 1954 through the Forest Act (Cap 19:05) from which it derives its mandate, as well as the Communal Land Forest, Produce Act (Cap 19:04). FC is responsible for the regulation, management and conservation of forest resources and managing gazetted indigenous forests which cover about 0.8% of the total surface area of the country.

Forestry Commission Tourism

Zimbabwe is open for Business and Investments in the Conservation Industry

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The Zambezi Valley Biodiversity Project (ZVBP)

The objective of the project is to promote an integrated landscape approach to managing wildlife resources,

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Forestry Industries
FITC and Zimbabwe College of Forestry (ZCF) located in the Eastern Highlands….