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The Forestry Commission is a parastatal under the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate.It contributes to national socio-economic development through regulation and capacity enhancement in the utilization and management of forest resources.Its mandate is derived from the Forest Act (Chapter 19.05 as amended in 1999) and the Communal Lands Forest Produce Act ( Chapter 20 of 1987), which provides  for the Regulation of Forestry Sector; Forestry Extension, Management of gazetted forests; Forestry Research and Training; and Income Generation.The mission behind its formation is to promote the sustainable management and development of the nation’s forest. The industry is based on research training, tree planting, extension and conservation and investment in forestry and commerce.

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The Hwange Sanyati Biodiversity Corridor (HSBC) project covers an area of 5.7 million ha in north western Zimbabwe and falls within the Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) Trans-frontier Conservation Area (TFCA). It is a $6.4 million project being funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) over 5 years. World Bank is the implementing agency for the project, WWF is the activities implementing entity and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management is the coordinating authority. Key project partners are: Parks and Wildlife Management Authority; CAMPFIRE Association; Environmental Management Agency; and the Forestry Commission.

Pod mahogany is a medium to large canopy spreading deciduous tree, usually 12 to 15 metres in height, but reaching up to 35 metres under ideal conditions. The dark green, shinny, somewhat drooping leaves give it an attractive appearance. It is leafless during the latter part of the dry season.

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