The Conex Division came about as a result of the amalgamation of the Indigenous Resources Division and the Extension Division in 2002. The Division has its Head Office in Harare and has operations throughout the country. The Division is organized into two departments;

  • Field Operations which is headed by an Operations Manager in Harare
  • Gazetted Forest Management which is headed by the Chief Conservator of Forests based in Bulawayo.

The purpose of the Division

The purpose of this division is to facilitate the improved supply and management of tree and forest resources throughout the country with emphasis on communal and resettlement areas. This is achieved by equipping communities with knowledge and practical skills on tree- planting and management.  The division also has the role of promoting  the sustainable and economic use of tree and forest products in communal and resettlement areas through value addition which  is achieved by assisting communities to engage in forest based enterprise through the     provision of technical, organizational and marketing skills. Sustainable management and utilization of forests and forest based products and services in the gazetted indigenous forests also falls under this division’s mandate.


Goals of the division

1)Reduce environmental degradation

This is done through these activities:

  • Seedling production & Tree-Planting
  • Conduct anti-poaching patrols

2)  Increase Compliance with Forestry Regulations

1. Organise workshops for staff & stakeholders

2. Publicize new regulations through mass media

3. Carry out inspections to ensure compliance

4. Issue out forest produce movement permits

5. Accredit exporting companies


3) Increase Forestry Contribution to GDP

1. Increase random checks at border posts

2. Put in place revenue collection systems

3. Develop guidelines & proposals for main sources

4. Support forest-based enterprises

5. Put in place loss control measures


4) Improve Accuracy of Records of Forest Resources

1. Map forest resources at district level

2. Carry out timber inventories in gazetted forests

3. Protect gazetted forests from fires

4. Develop & maintain game water supplies

5. Conduct game counts

6. Review forest management plans for gazetted forests