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Welcome to The Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission is a parastatal under the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry (MECTHI).  The Commission was created in 1957 through the Forest Act (Cap 19:05).  The organisation derives its mandate from the Forest Act (Cap 19:05) and the Communal Land Forest Produce Act (Cap 19:04), two pieces of legislation that make provisions for the development, conservation, protection and sustainable utilization of all forest resources for the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe.

 Forests not only contribute to economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction, but they also support other key sectors of the economy such as Energy, Agriculture, Tourism and the role of forests in conserving and protecting important water sources is critical for domestic and industrial water demands including hydro-electric power generation. 

News, tree of the year

Tree of the Year 2023

Botanical Name: Vachellia xanthophloea Common English Name: Fever Acacia/Fever Tree Shona Names: Muunga Ndebele: Isinga Download more information for Tree of the Year 2023  

0 / / September 27, 2023
News, tree of the year

Tree of the Year 2022

Botanical Name: Syzgium cordatum English Name: Waterberry Shona Name: Mukute/Muhute/Muisu Ndebele Name: Umdoni/Imiswi Download the brochure for Tree of the Year 2022    

0 / / September 29, 2022
tree of the year


Botanical Name: Piliostigma thonningii English Name: monkey bread, camel’s foot Shona : Mutukutu, Musekesa Ndebele: ihabahaba Fruits and Seed: P. thonningii fruits are large pods 22×7 cm woody, thick with rusty-brown hairs which wear off...

0 / / November 11, 2021