tree of the year

Apr 2019

Botanical name: Garcinia buchananii English name:     Granite garcinia / Granite mangosteen Shona Name:      Mutunduru Description of the tree Garcinia buchananii is a small evergreen tree which reaches 4 to 8 meters in height at maturity, often densely branched. It has distinctive shiny dark green leaves above and paler green below, making it an attractive species of indigenous tree. It has greenish-yellow flowers and fleshy edible fruits. Leaves: The leaves of Garciania buchananii are distinctively oblong-shaped,   thickly lathered, shiny dark green above, paler green below with many lateral veins on both leaf surfaces......

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Sep 2018

Names: English jackal-berry, swamp ebony, and African ebony Botanical: Diospyros mespiliformis. Shona: Musuma, Mushuma. Ndebele: Umdlauzo/Umsuma Other languages: Ntoma/Mgula(shangaan), mushumha (ndau), musuma (Venda),  DESCRIPTION The generic name Diospyros means ‘divine pear’, and the specific name mespiliformis is derived from two words,‘mesos’ meaning half, and ‘pilos’, which is bullets. Belongs to a family Ebenaceae....

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