Mapping and Inventory


The unit is responsible for monitoring the Nation’s Forest resources and compiling the information to be used for management , planning and decision making. The unit produced the 1992 and 2017 land cover maps, and it is currently finalising the 2020 land cover map. The unit conduct satellite data analysis, namely land sat and sentinel 2 .It uses Geographical information system and Remote sensing techniques to monitor forest resources in Zimbabwe. Over the years the unit produce several land cover maps for different stakeholders at project level .The data and information generated was used for national and international reporting needs for example FAO Forest Resources Assessment (FRA). Link to FRA report

Forest Inventories
The unit conducted numerous forest inventory work mostly supporting projects which are carried out at sub national level, of major note is the Global environment facility projects (GEF 5 and GEF 6).In 2017 the unit in collaboration with FAO established 140 field plots covering the whole country under the Global Forest Survey Project. The unit also conducts forest inventories upon request from Government , private companies, and civic organisations.
The unit has two GIS laboratories stationed in Highlands Harare and Chesa Forest research station in Bulawayo.


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