zimbabwe national tree survey

  • Public Opinion on the need for a National Tree for Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwe is a biodiversity rich country. The Zambezi Teak ; Acacia Woodlands ; Miombo ; Combretum; Mopane and the Afromontane floristic belt all speak of the vast forest resources that we have in our country. However, the threats to these forest resources are equally big. The widely reported rate of deforestation (estimated at 300 000 ha per year ) is , to say the least , very alarming. Do we really understand where we are heading to with this? Do we really appreciate that trees are an important natural resource? Is there a better way of appreciating our trees and forests? Do we need to have a national tree for Zimbabwe? The Forestry Commission would like to learn your views on the need for having a national tree for Zimbabwe. With more than 1,200 known woody species in the country , there is a wide variety to chose from. Think of the Baobab –“strong as the Elephant” ; Msasa –“beautiful as a Leopard”; Mopane- “the Buffalo of trees” and African Blackwood- “ The bold and beautiful. The list is endless. If you would like to express your views on the need for a national tree for Zimbabwe, kindly fill in the online survey below. The survey is short and will not take more that 5 minutes of your time.